Tea Experience: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Vancouver, BC
Notch8 Restaurant & Bar
Afternoon Tea $65 for Adults, $23.50 for Children (≤12)


A very lovely friend treated me to afternoon tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on West Georgia Street in Vancouver. Shortly after arrival, we were whisked away to our table – we walked past people having brunch and the amazing buffet selection with everything in matching Le Creuset pans.

The table settings were beautiful, with the white cloth napkins folded so lovely like a tree. It was my first time having afternoon tea at the Fairmont, so I’m not sure if it was their usual design or if they change it up for their themes. When we were leaving, we were told that the January theme was Hollywood. Read More …

Tea Experience: Snowy Village

Snowy Village
Coquitlam, British Columbia
$2.00-6.00 for drinks


Snowy Village is first and foremost a Korean bingsoo (ice dessert) restaurant, they specialized in shaved ice desserts (and boy do they do it well!). Snowy Village also serves hot tea and coffee (as well as iced), hence the reason for this review.

For those curious, I got a mango bingsoo in the regular size. Most of the shaved ice desserts are available in regular or large sizes. I felt like the regular size was pretty sizeable (and delicious). Instead of using shaved ice water, they use shaved iced milk. A lot more creamier (and delicious) compared to the other shaved iced desserts I’ve had in the past. My regular sized mango bingsoo was $10.


My drink was a London Fog. Curiously enough, the Snowy Village website states that they make London Fogs but the menus in store did not have London Fog listed. When I ordered, I did get a bit of a blank stare when I asked for a London Fog. I clarified by saying that it was an Earl Grey latte and suddenly a light went off and the person helping me knew what it was. The price of the London Fog was $3.00, which was the same price as the price of a Cafe Latte on the menu.


I asked and was told that they exclusively use Mighty Leaf Tea, which is a Canadian tea company. My London Fog came with a thin layer of foam on top, but the tea was steeped well. You can see how thin the foam was in the first photo. I forgot to pull out the tea bag after a few minutes of it arriving, but found that the tea itself didn’t get bitter (which was nice!). I do like a good tea that doesn’t get overly bitter if I forget to remove the tea bag when I’m on the go, although I’d have to do some experiments to see if it’s still the case if the tea is steeped straight without the addition of milk.


Overall, I had a lovely experience at Snowy Village. The price of the London Fog was quite comparable to other places that I’ve been (and it’s generously on the lower end). I do wish that there had been more foam on top, but the place wasn’t primarily a tea and coffee cafe – it’s an iced dessert cafe. I would go back from the bingsoo, but probably not for the London Fog (I like a bit more foam with my tea lattes!).

Tea Experience: Cha Le Tea

Cha Le Tea
Vancouver, British Columbia
$3.50-4.75 for drinks


Cha Le Tea is a relatively new tea cafe and tea shop in Vancouver, BC that opened this year. It’s located in the Yaletown area of Vancouver and is walking distance the Yaletown-Roundhouse Canadaline stop, if you’re looking to get there via public transit. Parking is a bit of a pain on Hamilton Street (metered parking), but it is available if you luck into a spot.

Their space is charming, and the all-glass wall looking in lends itself to a lot of natural light. For this tea blogger, and other foodies, it’s dream for taking photos. I went on a Thursday around noon with my friend as we wanted to meet up for lunch. When we got there, there was one other table that was occupied by a trio of men in business suits.


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Tea Experience: Little White House

Little White House
Fort Langley, British Columbia
$30 for Valentine’s Day High Tea


I must confess, this is not the first time that I’ve been to the Little White House in Fort Langley. I’ve been there a handful of times with parties as large as 8-10 and as small as 2. Last week on Valentine’s Day, I went with a friend and we opted for the special Valentine’s Day High Tea.

As per their Salon Cafe menu, there are three options for afternoon tea. The standard with their Crème de la Earl Grey tea is $22, with champagne (along with the tea) is $30, and the Alice in Wonderland tea (for children) is $12. Along with afternoon tea, there’s also options for brunch, lunch, and to buy sweets separately. I’ve always opted for the afternoon tea. There’s just something about having afternoon tea that makes me feel like I’m living a decadent lifestyle.


Little White House is a historical building that was built in 1910. The house itself consists of the salon cafe, and boutique shopping on the main and upper levels of the heritage building. Parking can be a bit difficult to find in the area, as there’s limited street parking and limited parking in the Little White House parking lot.

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Tea Experience: Catfé

Vancouver, British Columbia
Price Range: $2.95-4.50 (drinks), $2.95-6.85 (food items)


Catfé has been immensely popular since the announcement that a cat café was opening in Vancouver. Following in the footsteps of popular cat eateries in other countries, Catfé opened after figuring out the logistics of having cats and serving food (spoiler: the room for petting cats and the area for purchasing beverages are separated). The cats at Catfé are all available for adoption and are provided to Catfé by the BC SPCA. On Thursdays, they are closed to shuffle in new cats and to allow them to become accustomed to their new environment. I recently went to Catfé with a friend, who’s a food blogger at BitterSweetLife.


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