Whisk Premium Matcha’s Be My Rose

Be My Rose by Whisk Premium Matcha, in collaboration with The Good Chocolatier
Green Tea (Matcha) / Flavoured
$10.00 for 1 bar (42g)

Whisk Premium Matcha has provided me with Be My Rose for the purposes of providing an honest review.

First Impressions

Like a lot of other people in the world, I’m a fan of chocolate. I first tried Whisk Premium Matcha’s Matcha Cremsicle chocolate (plant-based matcha white chocolate) when I bought a bar at the 2018 Vancouver Tea Festival. I was absolutely tickled when they very kindly sent me a bar of Be My Rose, which is a very similar chocolate bar – plant-based matcha white chocolate with dried rose petals embedded into the chocolate.

The bar of chocolate itself came in a plastic sleeve that’s resealable. The chocolate is molded into square segments, with a floral and leaf pattern molded onto the front, while dried rose petals are present on the backside of the chocolate. Be My Rose consists of: Ecuadorian raw cacao butter, coconut cream powder, coconut sugar, organic matcha, rose petals, maple syrup, and vanilla. Each bar contains a 1.5 servings of matcha per bar of chocolate. There’s a strong matcha aroma from the chocolate, with a very light, sweet floral fragrance that comes off from the rose petals.

First Taste

I broke off a few squares of the Be My Rose to try. There’s a very strong matcha flavour in this chocolate. I love white chocolate, and often find it sweet compared to milk or dark chocolate. Be My Rose is surprisingly not that sweet. It has a rich matcha flavour, with a floral flavour through each nibble from the rose petals. The chocolate has a nice creaminess to it – I don’t taste coconut in it, in case anyone doesn’t want to taste coconut in their chocolate. The matcha flavour has nice sweet notes to it.

My Overall Impression

I loved Whisk Premium Matcha’s Be My Rose. I really enjoyed eating the chocolate, found it to be delicious. It’s definitely unlike any other chocolate that I’ve had before – a lot of matcha chocolate is often sweet, and the label specifically mentions that it is free of refined sugar – finding the sweetness from coconut sugar and maple syrup. It’s a fun little treat, although I don’t find myself eating more than 1-2 squares at a time, due to the richness in the chocolate itself – so despite the cost for each bar, it goes a long way!

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Whisk Premium Matcha’s Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha by Whisk Premium Matcha
Green Tea (Matcha) / Straight
$45.00 for 30g

Whisk Premium Matcha has provided me with Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha for the purposes of providing an honest review.

First Impressions

Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha came in a sealed, resealable, foil pouch. The front of the package gives a bit of information regarding the flavour profile (baby vegetable, young bamboo), as well as the fact that this matcha is from a first harvest of handpicked tea leaves from a single cultivar.

Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha is from organic tea farms located in Uji, Kyoto, Japan and is a 100% pure, organic matcha. The colour of the matcha is amazing – the green is so vibrant and bright. I find that it has a slight vegetal aroma that reminds me a lot of raw bok choy with slight mineral undertones.

Unsifted Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha.


There were no preparation instructions on the packaging, but Whisk Premium Matcha’s website has a Matcha Preparation page. I used 2 bamboo scoops of Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha and sifted it into my bowl. I used 175°F (79°C) water and whisked the matcha in an M motion until there was a layer of bubbles.

Sifted Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha.

First Taste

Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha is such a vibrant green, it’s almost unreal. I took a sip after whisking this matcha and found it had a beautiful light sweetness to it. The flavour reminds me of dark leafy vegetables (spinach, Shanghai bok choy, gai-lan/Chinese broccoli) – it just had that familiar bite to it. There are some definitely strong grassy notes and lots of umami flavours to it. A lot of the time, especially for green teas, I find that the umami to be a bit strong for me, erring on the heavily salty side but the umami that I taste in the Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha is well-balanced with the lighter sweetness that’s also present – which just made it very pleasant. I found that Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha has a lovely smooth texture to it. I had this matcha straight.

A Second Cup?

As matcha is a suspension, there was no second steeping since it was all used up in the first whisked bowl (and went into my belly!).

My Overall Impression

I loved Whisk Premium Matcha’s Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha. I found that the flavour profile was well balanced and quite complex. The subtle changes from grassy to vegetal to grassy again, with strong umami notes that were balanced against the gentle sweetness that I found in this matcha was a delight for the taste buds. I find the steps of whisking matcha to be really relaxing, so that was a nice added bonus of trying out the Ultra-Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha – it put me in a good mood prior to drinking it.

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