DavidsTea’s Organic Cream of Earl Grey

Organic Cream of Earl Grey by DavidsTea
Black Tea / Flavoured
$6.75 for 50g


First Impressions

I bought Organic Cream of Earl Grey from DavidsTea in their prepackaged ‘rainbow’ tin ($15 for 80g, or 3 tins for $30). It’s a sturdy metal tin, the tea inside comes into a sealed plastic bag that can be resealed. Taking in a sniff of the tea, I can make out the bergamot oil – a very nice citrus smell, and the smell of vanilla. The ingredients listed are: black tea, cornflowers, marigolds, with “natural flavouring”. The flower petals are very obvious and easy to tell in the loose tea. It smells delicious.

DavidsTea claims that “Lovers of Earl Grey adore this creamy alternative to the original blend. We’ve added a touch of vanilla for an unexpectedly rich taste.” – bold claims when I adore Earl Grey.


Things I liked about the packaging – the loose tea comes in a resealable bag and the lid fits on well. I’ve had this tin for a while, and it tastes the same now as it does when I first tired it a few months ago. With the bag and the tin, it helps keep the tea protected from air and light – I appreciate when tea comes in storage that works! The tea looks great and the smell is lovely. The scent of bergamot and vanilla is very inviting. Continue reading “DavidsTea’s Organic Cream of Earl Grey”

Stassen’s Jasmine Green Tea

(Artificial Flavour) Jasmine Green Tea by Stassen
Green Tea / Flavoured
$5.99 for 150g


First Impressions

The packaging is quite simple, the box is printed thin cardboard. The back of the box does give some steeping directions and Stassen suggests using “fresh boiling water” and infusing the tea for 3 minutes if you’re making a pot and 2 minutes if you’re making a cup. There are no recommendations on how many tea bags to use for a pot, so that part may be trial and error on the user’s end. Stassen’s teas are from Sri Lanka and it is a pure Ceylon tea. According to the ingredients, this tea is made of green tea and artificial jasmine flavour.

I appreciate a clean box design. The sachets are packaged 25 sachets in a clear, sealed plastic bag. Unfortunately, the plastic bags are not resealable so it is a bit harder to keep the tea fresher. The box is divided inside so each bag gets it’s own home. I would recommend storing the open bags in a plastic bag that can be zipped to prevent the tea from going stale and to prolong its shelf life.


When opening the bag, I don’t get the instant floral scent in my nose from the jasmine flowers. It isn’t until I pull out a tea bag that I really begin to get a sense of the jasmine scent. While I do enjoy a good cup of jasmine green tea, it didn’t make me anticipate a really good cup of tea.
Continue reading “Stassen’s Jasmine Green Tea”

Welcome to One More Steep!

This is my first post on One More Steep and my first official step into the world of tea blogging. My name is Michelle and I’ll be your host here at One More Steep. I stumbled into the rather extensive world of tea when I was gifted a Davidstea gift set from a friend for my birthday in 2014 and it was all downhill from there!

My previous encounters with tea were primarily with tea made at home (I am very partial to Hong Kong style milk tea made with orange pekoe, evaporated milk, and sugar), and tea when going out for dim sum. Since my birthday in 2014, I’ve expanded my tastes from my ever-present tea staples (orange pekoe & Earl Grey) to include some new favourites!

I’m happily drinking tea on a daily basis and will be sharing some of my favourites and some new-to-me teas right here on One More Steep. I’m also on Bloglovin’ if you want to follow me there!