Garden’s Uji Matcha Flavoured Cream Wafers

Uji Matcha Flavoured Cream Wafers by Garden
Green Tea (Matcha)
$2.79 for 200g

First Impressions

I’m constantly on the look out for tea-flavoured or tea-themed treats, so when I spotted these Uji Matcha Flavoured Cream Wafers on the shelf at my local favourite Asian grocery store – they just jumped into my shopping cart.

For those unfamiliar with Garden Cream Wafers, the packaging is a shiny metallic plastic, and instead of the usual plastic tray – the Uji Matcha Flavoured Cream Wafers comes into 4 packets inside – also in the foil packets with each containing cookies instead. Each packet comes with 6 cream wafers inside. The one nice thing about the (excessive) packaging is that it keeps the cookies from going stale.

Uji Matcha Flavoured Cream Wafers consists of: wheat flour, vegetable shortening, sugar, whole milk powder, corn starch, matcha powder, artificial flavouring, leavening/raising agent, salt, and emulsifier. There’s a very light matcha aroma to the wafer cookies, I mostly smell the cookie base, which has a vanilla-esque cream aroma to it.

First Taste

Based on the packaging, I had expected the matcha cream layers to be darker in colour and, perhaps, more aromatic. The flavour of the Uji Matcha Flavoured Cream Wafers was pleasantly more vibrant that I had expected from when I had opened the smaller pack of cookies. The wafer layers have a nice crunch to them, and the cream layer has a decent matcha flavour to it that is both sweet and grassy at the same time. I feel like the matcha was recently fairly well. It is quite light in colour, but artificial colouring wasn’t listed as an ingredient (which is always a plus!).

My Overall Impression

I liked Garden’s Uji Matcha Flavoured Cream Wafers. I thought the overall cookie itself had a good crunch, and the matcha cream was both sweet and had those matcha qualities that I was looking for. While I appreciated the separate packaging inside for that freshness factor, it was also a bit disheartening to see because not everyone lives in an area where you can recycle soft plastics, especially soft plastics with metallic coatings. The cookie itself is great, and I appreciate the smaller servings for portion control and a snack, but the packaging leaves something to be desired from an environmental standpoint.

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