Earl Grey Jelly

Decided to throw a #virtualpartea today on Instagram Stories with a fun template (scroll to the end of the recipe to find it!) and this recipe – my contribution to your at-home, social distancing virtual tea party. As we’re all practicing our hand washing skills regularly and keeping physical distance apart from one another, it’s tough to find some cheer in the world! So join in the fun – let everyone know what you’re making or bringing to the party, and tag some friends to join in the fun! I’ll be sharing responses to everyone’s answers to the story template on my own Instagram account @onemoresteep!

Earl Grey Jelly – Makes 2 cups

¾ cup water
1½ cup sugar
3 tbs Earl Grey loose leaf tea (I used DavidsTea’s Organic Earl Grey)
2 tbs agar-agar¹

¹ If you don’t have agar-agar, you can use gelatin instead – just use the same amount!

Steep Earl Grey tea in water for as long as the steeping instructions tell you for a cup (usually ~5 minutes)
Strain out/remove tea leaves.
Add tea and water together in a sauce pan, heat over medium heat.
Stir until sugar is fully dissolved.
When close to boil, stir in agar-agar.
Allow it to come to a boil – keep stirring!
After 5 minutes of boiling, remove from heat.
Pour into clean containers.
Once fully cool (and it’s had to a chance to turn into a jelly), put on an air-tight lid and keep in your fridge.

Earl Grey Jelly goes great on toast, scones, and basically anywhere you’d use fruit-based jellies.

If you make this Earl Grey Jelly, I’d love to see your photos! Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@onemoresteep #onemoresteep) or comment below with a link to the photo!