Mocca’s Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte by Mocca
Green Tea (Matcha) / Flavoured
$8.99 for 375g (25g x 15 sachets)

First Impressions

Matcha Latte by Mocca was one of those impulse grocery store purchases – one of the best ways to fill up a shopping cart in my opinion (with tea!). The bright packaging caught my eye, so into my shopping cart it hopped. I never expect a lot from an instant tea product, but I’m always on the look out for something that’s tasty, inexpensive, and easy to get a hold of. The ease of preparing matcha on the go (or at work) constantly appeals to me, especially as someone who can’t always go to a kitchen, or the only access to a fridge is communal.

Matcha Latte comes in bright teal and green packaging. It comes with 15 individually packaged portions of instant Matcha Latte powder. The ingredients consist of: creamer, sugar, and matcha powder. For those health conscious, each sachet contains 25g, but also contains 12g of sugar. Of all the important nutrients, each packet also consists of 10% of your daily intake of calcium (so you can feel like you’re doing something right, right?). The Matcha Latte powder itself is primarily light green, minimal sparkle from the sugar, it has a minimal aroma to it.


Using the powers of Google Translate, I found out that Mocca recommends mixing 190-210ml of hot water with the powder for a hot matcha latte, or use 100ml of hot water with the powder for an iced matcha latte (plus, adding ice).

I opted to prepare it hot, and used 175°F (80°C) water.

First Taste

Matcha Latte dissolved and mixed up very well, and even without really trying, there was a nice of foam and bubbles that formed across the top. The aroma is very grassy and milky. The flavour of Matcha Latte is better than I had expected! It’s grassy, sweet, milky. It’s not too sweet, considering the amount of sugar in it, and the dairy adds a great level of creaminess to it.

A Second Cup?

As an instant tea product, there’s no second cups.

My Overall Impression

I loved Mocca’s Matcha Latte. At 60¢ a serving, I was impressed with Matcha Latte. From the ease of preparation, the taste, and the fact that the amount of sugar wasn’t overkill. Despite having a sweet tooth, I didn’t find it to be cloyingly sweet. I like how easy it was, as well as that impressive amount of foam and bubbles. I’m definitely looking forward to having this one at work because the flavour is on point and doesn’t taste like a poor quality matcha. The grassy notes lend itself to a nice cup of matcha latte.

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