Stassen’s Jasmine Green Tea

(Artificial Flavour) Jasmine Green Tea by Stassen
Green Tea / Flavoured
$5.99 for 150g


First Impressions

The packaging is quite simple, the box is printed thin cardboard. The back of the box does give some steeping directions and Stassen suggests using “fresh boiling water” and infusing the tea for 3 minutes if you’re making a pot and 2 minutes if you’re making a cup. There are no recommendations on how many tea bags to use for a pot, so that part may be trial and error on the user’s end. Stassen’s teas are from Sri Lanka and it is a pure Ceylon tea. According to the ingredients, this tea is made of green tea and artificial jasmine flavour.

I appreciate a clean box design. The sachets are packaged 25 sachets in a clear, sealed plastic bag. Unfortunately, the plastic bags are not resealable so it is a bit harder to keep the tea fresher. The box is divided inside so each bag gets it’s own home. I would recommend storing the open bags in a plastic bag that can be zipped to prevent the tea from going stale and to prolong its shelf life.


When opening the bag, I don’t get the instant floral scent in my nose from the jasmine flowers. It isn’t until I pull out a tea bag that I really begin to get a sense of the jasmine scent. While I do enjoy a good cup of jasmine green tea, it didn’t make me anticipate a really good cup of tea.
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