DavidsTea’s Mini Matcha Maker

Mini Matcha Maker by DavidsTea
Tritan Plastic / 8oz (235mL)

First Impressions

I got my Mini Matcha Maker sometime last year (this design is called “Spring Leaves” and is no longer available on the DavidsTea website as it was a seasonal design) – and I actually got it on sale (the price I mentioned above is the regular price for a Mini Matcha Maker if it’s not on sale/clearance due to a seasonal design).

The overall idea of the Mini Matcha Maker is to make it easy to make matcha at home or on the go, and to essentially make what they call “matcha shots” – which is perfect if you’re the type to mix your matcha with something else. For instance, lots of people will put matcha into smoothies or milkshakes, mix it up with sparkling water, lemonade or just mix up that matcha powder and then dilute it with more water because they don’t like it that strong (everyone has a preference, right?).

There are a few components to the Mini Matcha Maker – you have the lid (with the pressure release button), the body (double-walled), the shaker part (see below: the piece with the ball) and then another piece with a mesh (that the shaker part screws onto, and it screws onto the body).


I washed all the pieces with warm soapy water and then allowed to air dry. The Mini Matcha Maker is not dishwasher or microwave friendly (there is metal, and it is double-walled).

First Use

Assembling the Mini Matcha Maker is fairly straight forward. The nice part about the Mini Matcha Maker is the ease of use – I utilized the metal mesh of the piece that holds onto the shaker to use to sift the powder as I poured it into the Mini Matcha Maker. Then I poured water (heated to the recommended temperature) to the line, followed by screwing the lid on and holding it (without my finger on the button!) to shake it up. Because the matcha gets sifted through the mesh, I find it doesn’t clump and it shakes up pretty easily. You’re done whenever you’re happy with the way it’s been mixed or with the level of froth (or both), and (aiming away from your face) then hit the button the release the pressure. Once that’s done, just unscrew the lid and pour the matcha into the drink of your choice, over ice, etc.

Clean up is pretty easy (in my opinion) as I just do it in a sink with some warm soapy water and then just rinse everything well. As it’s not dishwasher friendly, my Mini Matcha Maker either lives in the cupboard or on the dish rack when its not in use.

My Overall Impression

I loved DavidsTea’s Mini Matcha Maker. I think it’s definitely a fun way to make matcha without the traditional use of a bowl with bamboo whisk. That said, if you’re really attached to a more traditional matcha preparation method, the Mini Matcha Maker won’t be for you. However, for those are more about the end product and ease of preparation, the Mini Matcha Maker is quite the modern option when it comes to preparing some matcha for a mixed drink. If you’re looking for a method to make matcha for at the office purposes and drink a lot of it, the larger Matcha Maker might be an option for you. I certain enjoy this little device, it’s fun and easy to use (and clean!).

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