Almost Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Just under a week to go before the big day of love… if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day. Alternative names also include Galentine’s Day, Single Awareness Day (often celebrated February 15th), or just… Sunday, February 14th. Whatever it is that you’re celebrating, and however you choose to do so, let’s talk about some potential gift ideas.

And these are not in any particular order.

A new tea mug or cup and saucer set is always well-appreciated by that tea enthusiast in your life. Bonus points will be given for items with red, pink, or white florals over hearts because it’ll be less in-your-face Valentine’s and have more everyday use potential. While most tea lovers would also love a tea set, those take up considerably more room, so tread lightly unless you’re more certain about their likes and dislikes. This doesn’t have to be expensive! I’ve gotten some super cute and love-themed teaware from my locally owned dollar stores before (see: above).

Cute tea spoons are always a win. I personally love a nice floral design and they tend to come in sets – perfect for those at-home tea parties that people are having these days. There’s also options for different finishes as well – rose gold, silver or a rainbow sheen would be lovely to use. You can go with more modern styles (and get them delivered right to the door) or brave going into a thrift store or antique mall to get something with real silver plating or with a nice patina to it. This option could be as inexpensive or wallet-emptying as you want it to be.

Do you know their favourite tea brand or type of tea? Get a new tin or box of tea, wrap it up nicely and add a red bow. People have different love languages, but taking the time to notice what your loved one’s favourite is and putting that knowledge into motion is definitely top Valentine’s Day points. This is only a viable option if you can get it quick in the post or stopping into a shop to purchase it in time for this up-coming Sunday.

Self-care is the buzz word of the year (and of last year as well) and there’s nothing more pleasant than being able to take more time than normal for yourself to take care of yourself. Whether that be carving out some time to read a book, enjoy a face mask, or a bubble bath, it can all be done in the luxury of a soaking tub… So why not make it a bundled self-care gift? Get your hands on a lovely over the tub tray, include a nice face mask, new wine glass or tea cup, some tea (looseleaf would be stellar!), and couple it all with a bath bomb or bottle of bubble bath. Turn down those lights, include some scented candles and you’ve got yourself a winner. Yes, this gift giving option includes more legwork and effort from you, but I just put together a shopping list for you – so get out there and make it happen!

Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a mere 4 days away – are you still struggling for some gift ideas for that special tea lover in your life? With a gift giving holiday so soon after Christmas, it can be a struggle at times to come up with some ideas. But I’ve got your back, tea friend! Whether you’re shopping for your sweetheart or your tea lovin’ bestie, I’ve got some gift ideas for you for all sorts of budgets.

20180210-giftguidevday1 For That Special Someone

If your sweetheart loves boxes of assorted chocolates, how about a tea sampler box from their favourite tea company? This shows them that you listen when they go on (and on) about their favourite place to shop, plus you’ll be the one to introduce them to new teas. $

For the person who loves feeling decadent at home, might I suggest a tea-for-one set, a tea pot, or a cup-and-saucer set? You can find some gorgeous vintage and modern styles these days. With tea growing in popularity, you can find teaware in department stores, home goods stores, bookstores, thrift stores, and so much more. You’ll pretty much be able to find something to fit their style anywhere. $-$$

If you’re feeling particularly spendy, might I recommend signing them up for a tea subscription box? For the person who otherwise has everything tea related, a tea subscription box is a fantastic way for your special sweetie to get introduced to new teas every single month. This is decidedly the most spendy option of the three, but it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving until the subscription ends. I’ve reviewed a few different tea subscription boxes, if you’re looking for ideas. $$$


For Your BFF

Your tea-loving bestie needs a travel mug, if they don’t already have one. You’ll probably get bonus points if it has a built in tea infuser, or if you include a packet of tea with it. There’s such a huge variety of tea travel mugs out there these days that it can be hard to decide on one. I’d go for one in their favourite colour that also looks easy to clean – nobody has time for travel mugs that need an instruction manual to take apart. $

If you want to spoil your friend with an at-home spa experience without completely breaking the bank, I’d recommend some tea-infused soap products or bath bombs. With tea gaining popularity, there’s a lot of bath products out there that are infused with teas (particularly green tea or Earl Grey), along with a myriad of essential oils and dried flowers (like lavender). There’s even products like herbal bath tea bags that you can buy that basically look like giant tea bags, but they’re designed for use in the bath tub and not for your teapot. $

For the ultimate gal pal get together on Galentine’s Day (yes, I went there), I don’t think you can go wrong with a date for two for a favourite spot for afternoon tea. If you’re in the Metro Vancouver area, I have reviewed several local places to sit down for a scrumptious bite to eat! The nice thing about this option is that you get a #treatyoself moment as well while you’re catching up with your friend. Because of the popularity of afternoon tea for Valentine’s Day, I’d highly recommend book a reservation in advance if you can. Bonus, a lot of places are vegetarian or gluten-free friendly, just be sure to let them know when booking. And, as an aside, remember that traditionally macarons are made with almond meal/flour, so if your bestie has a nut allergy, best let them know as well. $$-$$$


I hope this list of gift ideas helps you out a bit with any last minute gift shopping for that special tea obsessed person in your life.