Tea Experience: Ladurée

Vancouver, BC
Afternoon Tea $55 each

If you’re ever walking down Robson Street in Vancouver, the Ladurée seems almost too whimsical to exist. With the pale green exterior, and the magical storefront windows feature macaron displays, Ladurée is a little Parisian escape in the middle of the city.

I had the pleasure of going to for Ladurée’s Afternoon Tea with a friend who (thankfully!) didn’t mind that I take photos of literally everywhere. The front of their Tea Salon is their shop – featuring beautiful desserts, and the back is the dining area for those wishing to take part in lunch or afternoon tea. Read More …

Tea Experience: Le Cassis Pâtisserie

Le Cassis Pâtisserie
Yaletown, Vancouver, BC
High Tea – $35.00 on weekdays, $39.00 on weekends*

* Promotional pricing current at the time of writing.

Le Cassis Pâtisserie opened its doors in the Yaletown neighbourhood of Vancouver earlier this year (March!). The inside of the shop is just adorable with the pink and gold shelving and the chandeliers. I went with my friend Suzanne, and we were seated at a lovely marble-topped table, alongside of a bench seat that featured a long mirror over top – which just made the whole place look even larger than it was. The windows of the Pâtisserie feature macaron towers – both plainly coloured and painted with beautiful floral designs – just so darling.

We each had a tea pot that got to sit on top of its own tea light candle. I picked the Black Jasmine Tea while my friend opted for the Rose & Saffron Tea. The tea was a nice golden orange colour, with a strong jasmine aroma and flavour that I really enjoyed. Read More …

Tea Experience: Laurence & Chico Cafe

Laurence & Chico Cafe
Vancouver, BC
Rabbit’s Foot High Tea – $49 each

I visited Laurence & Chico Cafe with a small group of friends, and a toddler, just last month. This cafe is full of fun and whimsy, which is also a reflection of the style of Laurence & Chico – a women’s fashion and accessories brand created by Laurence Li and Chico Wang. The location is on Bute Street, a traffic-calmed area right off of Robson Street as the road is taken up by cafe tables and chairs, and is very bicycle-friendly. Laurence & Chico is also conveniently located directly across from Breka Bakery & Cafe, which is open 24/7 (in case you’re ever in the need for baked goods at 3am).

The Cafe portion is in two parts – one is the sit-down area, which Laurence & Chico refer to as their Afternoon Tea Salon Room, with fabulously fluffy and fringed chairs with glass-topped tables that are held up by tentacles. The chairs are stuck in place, as far as I could tell, so individuals with mobility issues may have issues getting into the chairs or being comfortable around the tables. There were some stand-alone stools. Unfortunately for my tiny toddler friend, there were no high chairs available which did not make for a very child-friendly experience.  The other part was a glass-topped bar with stools, and à la carte baked goods case for those who wanted to order something to go – appropriately referred to as their To-Go section. Their to-go cup and boxes were pink and stylized accordingly with their brand.

Read More …