Welcome to One More Steep!

This is my first post on One More Steep and my first official step into the world of tea blogging. My name is Michelle and I’ll be your host here at One More Steep. I stumbled into the rather extensive world of tea when I was gifted a Davidstea gift set from a friend for my birthday in 2014 and it was all downhill from there!

My previous encounters with tea were primarily with tea made at home (I am very partial to Hong Kong style milk tea made with orange pekoe, evaporated milk, and sugar), and tea when going out for dim sum. Since my birthday in 2014, I’ve expanded my tastes from my ever-present tea staples (orange pekoe & Earl Grey) to include some new favourites!

I’m happily drinking tea on a daily basis and will be sharing some of my favourites and some new-to-me teas right here on One More Steep. I’m also on Bloglovin’ if you want to follow me there!

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