Celestial Seasonings’s Wild Berry Zinger

Wild Berry Zinger by Celestial Seasonings
Fruit Infusion / Flavoured
$3.49USD for 47g (20 tea bags)

First Impressions

Remember that time I talked about the Fruit Tea Sampler from Celestial Seasonings and how I was planning to drink through the whole thing? Yeah, week two! Wild Berry Zinger also came in a sealed packet with all of the tea bags inside. I’m quite pleased with the aroma of this one because it has a nice field berry aroma that reminds me of field berry yoghurt that also has a heavy raspberry aroma which is quite nice.

Wild Berry Zinger consists of the following ingredients: hibiscus, rosehips, roasted chicory, orange peel, blackberry leaves, natural flavours of black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, cranberries, cherries with other natural flavours, and citric acid. I did tear open the tea bag, and noted that most of the ingredients aren’t really discernible.


Celestial Seasonings recommends using boiling water (100°C/212°F) water and steep for 4 to 6 minutes. Celestial Seasonings recommends adding sweetener while it is hot, and if you desire to drink Wild Berry Zinger iced, to cool before adding to ice. My initial steep of Wild Berry Zinger was using 100°C water for 5 minutes.

First Taste

Wild Berry Zinger steeps to a dark cloudy red tisane. The aroma is very much ‘berry’, with a light floral note in the background. I noticed that the flavour was a blend of sweet, tart, and fruity. It’s very pleasant, and the tart notes provides a nice mouth pucker effect. It has a nice level of sweetness to it, so I don’t think it really needs sweetener (although I’d recommend a nice local honey if you wanted to sweeten it).

I do think Wild Berry Zinger would be good as an iced tea, with the balance of sweet and tart. It would also probably pair very well with a slice of lemon or a slash of lemonade (and a handful of ice).

A Second Cup?

An attempt at resteeping Wild Berry Zinger reminded me why I don’t usually resteep tisanes. The flavour wasn’t particularly great and I would recommend steeping Wild Berry Zinger just the one time.

My Overall Impression

I liked Celestial Seasonings’s Wild Berry Zinger. I found the flavour to be quite pleasant, and the balance between sweet and tart to be really fun. It makes for a very nice hot tea, and I think it’d be great for an iced tea and would definitely love to have it in the summertime when it’s hotter out (drinking it on a grey afternoon probably really isn’t showcasing it to the fullest potential).

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