Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a bit of a funny thing, since a lot of countries have their own version of Mother’s Day – and not everyone celebrates it on the same day (or even month!). If you’re in Canada or the United States, then you probably celebrate it on the second Sunday of May, which just so happens to be next week. If you’re in another country that doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day next week, then I’m either late (and you can use this gift guide for next year) or I’m early (which is great!).

When I was younger, Mother’s Day consisted of a hand drawn card, usually me making a cup of tea, and some sort of breakfast. It certainly progressed and got a little bit more sophisticated as time went on, but the general idea remained the same. A card, a cup of tea, and food. I like to think that I make awesome pancakes, but it’s harder to do a surprise! breakfast when I no longer live in the same house. So here are some of the gift ideas that I’ve come up with for Mother’s Day this year!

I still recommend getting a card or making one. Remember how much your mom loved those cards you made in school? Nothing says I love you like being a little bit creative. You can buy premade a Mother’s Day card at grocery stores, specialty card shops, dollar stores, or head to your local Big Box craft store and find some supplies to make your own. Bonus points if you have kids and get them to help you out – stamping your child’s hand or getting them to help with drawing or colouring would be a fantastic idea and make it all the more heartfelt. $

Breakfast or brunch is still a good idea. I don’t know about you, but everyone I know needs to eat! Why not take your mom to her favourite eatery for some breakfast? Brunch is very on-trend right now, and who doesn’t love pancakes? Bonus points if you also show up with a small bouquet of her favourite flowers. You’ll probably see a lot of bouquets of carnations leading up to the big day. Carnations are the flower for Mother’s Day – coloured if your mom is still with you, and white if your mother has passed away. $-$$

I’m all for afternoon tea, as many of you might have picked up on. It might not be too late to call up a local afternoon tea salon to see if they still have a table available! Not only will you have the opportunity to treat your mom, you’ll also have a lovely experience – complete with sandwiches and dessert, yum! If you’re local to Metro Vancouver, check out some of my past reviews of places where I had tea experiences! $$-$$$

And who wants to meet up with their mom empty handed? While not all moms might love flowers since allergies are a very real thing, she might also like a nice scented candle, bath bombs & fancy soaps (bonus points if you find something locally made!), a new teapot (or tea set…?), jewellery (I recently purchased some goodies for Mother’s Day from Etsy, specifically from a shop called Lulidesigns), a spa day, or perhaps a brand new book that you spotted on their Amazon wishlist or one that you spotted that made you think of them. Anything that tells your mom that you’ve been thinking of them is a good gift. $-$$$

I hope this Mother’s Day Gift Guide has helped give you some ideas of what to give to your mom for Mother’s Day. Hopefully the restaurants and tea locations in your area aren’t too booked up just yet, so you better get on calling for a table! However it goes, don’t stress out too much because that’s not really the point of Mother’s Day. Hopefully nex Sunday will be filled with joy and serenitea!

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