Adagio Teas’s Peach Bellini

Peach Bellini by Adagio Teas
Fruit Infusion / Flavoured
$8.00USD for 3oz

First Impressions

Peach Bellini came to me via the same promotion that I mentioned when I reviewed Samurai Mate. It comes in resealable foil bag, with all the information about the tea listed on a little label. When I first opened the package, the majority of what I saw was the apple pieces, but I could smell the peach flavouring. I couldn’t really make out the other fruit ingredients when smelling it, but the peach was nice.

The ingredients of Peach Bellini are: apple pieces, orange peels, peach flavour, strawberries, rose petals, mango pieces, pineapple pieces, apricots, and papaya flavour.


Adagio Teas recommends steeping Peach Bellini for 5 to 10 minutes in 212°F (100°C) water. My initial steep of Peach Bellini was for the full 10 minutes. I checked out my cup at the 5 minute mark, but the aroma didn’t seem quite there yet based on the dry leaf, so I left it to steep for the extra 5 minutes.

First Taste

Peach Bellini was really light in colour for me, despite having steeped it for the full 10 minutes from the recommended range of 5 to 10 minutes. The aroma was primarily that of peaches, but the taste of it was more like a mix of fruits – although I wouldn’t be able to tell you which ones. I did try it both hot and iced, and found the iced to be more preferable. Peach Bellini was quite a light iced tea in terms of flavour, and there was a touch of sweetness from the fruit ingredients. I wish I could find the mango, pineapple, or papaya flavours in this one, but they were quite lost.

A Second Cup?

I attempted to resteep Peach Bellini and found it was lacking in both aroma and flavour, I’d say that Peach Bellini is good for just one steep.

My Overall Impression

I thought that Adagio Teas’s Peach Bellini was just okay. The aroma of the dry leaf was amazing and really quite inviting. I think part of the issue is that the tea I got in my sampler just wasn’t well mixed. A lot of apple pieces, not a lot of the other ingredients. It made it difficult for me to find the other flavours to enjoy them. That said, Peach Bellini makes a lightly sweetened iced tea that’s quite enjoyable if you’re looking for an iced tea.

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