Naked Teas Galore’s Earl Grey Matcha

Earl Grey Matcha by Naked Teas Galore
Green Tea (Matcha) / Flavoured
$14.95 for 227g ($3.25 for 25g sampler)

First Impressions

I picked up a sampler of Earl Grey Matcha when I popped into Naked Teas Galore a few months ago. I’m a fan of Earl Grey, and a fan of matcha, so would I be a fan of the combination? The sampler came in a resealable silver foil pouch. the label on the front tells me the name and ingredients, a label on the back provided me with the instructions for preparing it both hot and cold.

Earl Grey Matcha consists of organic sugar cane, organic matcha, organic flavouring and citric acid. The aroma of the powder blend is bright and citrus-y, I can see the cane sugar granules and smell the matcha base. It’s lightly grassy with a strong bergamot aroma.


Naked Teas Galore suggests a cold preparation with the matcha in a shaker cup with ice and milk – and to shake it. The hot preparation is matcha with hot milk, and to stir. I opted to do the cold preparation. I don’t have a shaker cup, but  prepared it in a glass with cold, unsweetened soy milk. I opted to blend Earl Grey Matcha with a handheld milk frother.

First Taste

Earl Grey Matcha blends to a pale green colour, the aroma is a mix of bergamot, matcha, and soy. The taste is pleasant, I liked the Earl Grey notes, and there are grassy and vegetal notes from the matcha. I found it to be very pleasant and enjoyed the ease of mixing it up.

A Second Cup?

As this is a matcha preparation, there are no resteeps possible.

My Overall Impression

I loved Naked Teas Galore’s Earl Grey Matcha. I enjoyed the aroma of the powder, and the combined flavours of Earl Grey and matcha that made it quite pleasant to drink. I found it easy to prepare, I’m sure the hot preparation is just as easy as the cold (it certainly sounds like it is!). I loved the flavour and think it’d be a great matcha option for on-the-go or at work since it’s easy to make.

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