Greenmax’s Milky Tea

Milky Tea by Greenmax
Black Tea / Flavoured
$7.99 for 320g (16 sachets)

First Impressions

Another week, another post about my thoughts on another on-a-whim grocery store purchase. This is Milky Tea from Greenmax, another instant milk tea option for me to try in my quest for finding the ‘best’ one.

Milky Tea comes in individually portioned packets, each one with 20g. The product itself isn’t particularly much to look at – it doesn’t have much an aroma, milky white powder with the sparkle from sugar, and dark speckles throughout (that reminds me of how vanilla bean ice cream looks like).

Milky Tea consists of: creamer, sugars, black tea powder, milk powder, beta-cyclodextrin, artificial flavour, and cocoa powder.


Greenmax recommends preparing Milky Tea with 150mL of boiling water (100°C/212°F) for a hot drink (and for an iced preparation, add ice cubes). I opted to prepare Milky Tea as a hot drink.

First Taste

Milky Tea mixes up very easily. The aroma is sweet and creamy. The flavour is sweet, milky, with the black tea in the background. There’s some astringency, earthiness, and maltiness that all mingle well with the cream in the blend, but the foremost flavour in Milky Tea is the sweetness from the sugar. I was surprised at how much of the black tea does come through, but I do wish that there was less sweetness in it.

A Second Cup?

Given that Milky Tea is a beverage mix, there’s no second preparations with the same powder.

My Overall Impression

I thought that Greenmax’s Milky Tea was just okay. While Milky Tea was easy to prepare, but overly sweet for my personal tastes. There’s a nice amount of cream flavour in the blend, and there are some nice black tea notes that come through. I think this would be a great blend to have with boba or have iced – it just needs a little bit less sugar to be a drink I’d regularly reach for.

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