Dessert by Deb’s Toasty Marshmallows

Toasty Marshmallows by Dessert by Deb
Black Tea / Flavoured
$6.50 for 25g

Toasty Marshmallows came to me as part of the bimonthly subscription box from Dessert by Deb.

First Impressions

Coming to me as part of the bimonthly subscription box from Dessert by Deb, Toasty Marshmallows came in a rich brown metallic pouch with a familiar polka dot label. The pouch is sealed and resealable, this black tea blend is part of the Bed & Breakfast Holiday Inn collection.

Toasty Marshmallows has a strong smokey aroma, mixed with the coconut. This black tea blend consists of organic: coconut, black tea, lapsang souchong, honey, bee pollen, toasted coconut, and brown sugar. It is a beautiful blend, with huge contrasting colours of black and white with the blend ingredients.

Fun fact, bee pollen is a great ingredient for those who suffer from seasonal allergies as it can help relieve those seasonal allergy symptoms. For the most benefit, you should seek out bee pollen that’s locally harvested in your area so you’re exposed to pollen that is local to you.


Dessert by Deb recommends steeping Toasty Marshmallows in 212°F (100°C) water for 4 to 6 minutes. I opted to do an initial steep of 5 minutes, Dessert by Deb also recommends steeping it as a tea latte.

First Taste

Toasty Marshmallows steeps to a browny-yellow. The aroma is smokey, coconut-y. The flavour is strongly of lapsang souchong – smokey, a strong bold flavour that fills the mouth, coats the tongue, and has a slight bitterness that reminds me how marshmallows taste when they get a bit too much colour after being roasted over a campfire. The coconut and honey/sugar related ingredients make it sweet, while the coconut rounds out the flavour with that cream note. All that’s missing is something to make me think of chocolate, and I would think of the blend like liquid s’mores.

I did try adding some milk to the cup of tea, and it added a nice amount of creaminess to it.

A Second Cup?

I resteeped Toasty Marshmallows once, finding that the flavour wasn’t as strong as the initial steep. If you’re a fan of lapsang souchong, you’ll like resteeping Toasty Marshmallows because the smokey black tea base shines through. The other ingredients weren’t noticeable with the resteep.

My Overall Impression

I loved Dessert by Deb’s Toasty Marshmallows. This black tea blend makes me think so closely of s’mores – it just needs a little bit of chocolate or cocoa nibs to send that over the top. The use of bee pollen is a nice treat, and the use of honey and brown sugar was great in making it sweet, and remind me of a toasted marshmallow.

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