Snapdragon & Thistle’s Pomegranate Green

Pomegranate Green by Snapdragon & Thistle
Green Tea / Flavoured
$8.00USD for 2oz

Snapdragon & Thistle has provided me with Pomegranate Green for the purposes of providing an honest review.

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First Impressions

Snapdragon & Thistle’s Pomegranate Green came to me in a sealed, resealable kraft paper pouch that is plastic lined. The front label identifies the tea, while there was a label on the back hat told me how to steep the tea, the ingredients, and the web and retail addresses for Snapdragon & Thistle.

The first thing I noted when I opened the packaging was how fruity the tea smells! There’s a strong fruity fragrance that does remind me of pomegranates with a floral sweetness in the background. Pomegranate Green consists of: Chinese sencha green tea, pomegranate flavouring, and rose petals. The rose petals are very light in the aroma of the dry leaf, which is nice because I never want to anticipate drinking a bouquet of flowers.


Snapdragon & Thistle recommends steeping Pomegranate Green in 170°F (77°C) water for 3 minutes. My variable temperature kettle’s lowest temperature setting is 175°F (79°C), so I allowed the water to cool for 5 minutes before steeping the green tea blend for 3 minutes.

First Taste

Pomegranate Green steeps to a light golden yellow colour. There’s a very fruity aroma from the steeped tea, and I do smell a hint of roses as well – but as with the dry leaf, the roses play second fiddle to the pomegranate. I did notice that there were some fine little tea bits that got out of my stainless steel infuser, which you can see below in the photo. The flavour of Pomegranate Green is sweet and fruity, with a hint of rose in the tail end of each sip. I found that there was a slight saltiness in the background of each sip, which I attribute to the sencha base but it isn’t off-putting at all. If anything, it highlights the floral notes somehow.

I think Pomegranate Green would make for a nice iced tea since it has those fruity notes that are so popular in cold drinks. If you’re concerned about oversteeping the green tea, I would recommend cold steeping the tea.

A Second Cup?

I resteeped Pomegranate Green once, adding an additional 30 seconds to the steeping time. I found that with the resteep, the pomegranate fruitiness was considerably less while the sencha base and rose flavours were more pronounced. So if you’re not a fan of the fruitiness, be sure to keep steeping it!

My Overall Impression

I liked Snapdragon & Thistle’s Pomegranate Green. I found the flavours to be pleasant and flavourful in the initial steep. The pomegranate flavour plays really nicely with the sencha green tea, and the rose petals aren’t overwhelming at all – which is always a concern of mine since I’m not always a fan of drinking heavily floral teas. I do wish that the pomegranate flavour had sustained longer for a second steep of the same leaves because it was so tasty in the first steep.

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