Sun-Rype’s Sparkling Green Tea Honey Lemon

Sparking Green Tea Honey Lemon by Sun-Rype
Green Tea / Flavoured
$1.69 for 355ml (1 can)

First Impressions

Sparkling Green Tea Honey Lemon was a impulse buy at the grocery store when I spotted it in the beverages aisle. A canned carbonated iced tea? Don’t mind if I do! I didn’t realize that Sun-Rype had these, so I got one in each flavour (so be on the look out of the rest of my reviews!). Sparkling Green Tea Honey Lemon comes in a slim can that has a nice bright green bottom half to indicate the flavour, and differentiate from the rest of the flavours.

Sparkling Green Tea Honey Lemon consists of: carbonated filtered water, cane sugar, real brewed green tea concentrate, natural flavour, and citric acid. Interestingly, honey and lemon do not make an appearance in the list of ingredients. Sparkling Green Tea Honey Lemon does contain cane sugar and has no artificial sweeteners, but it also has 23g of sugar in one can. There’s a tab on the top of the can, just like every other pop can out there (and yes, pop – not soda, at least that’s how we refer to it on the west coast of Canada).

First Taste

Sparkling Green Tea Honey Lemon is a nice yellow-orange colour with plenty of bubbles! There’s a nice honey lemon flavour, although I don’t really get a lot of the green tea – I think the honey lemon flavour overwhelms it a bit. There’s a nice about of sweetness, I don’t find it overly sweet. There’s a touch of a tart aftertaste which I wasn’t expecting, but it doesn’t stop me from finishing off the can.

My Overall Impression

I liked Sun-Rype’s Sparkling Green Tea Honey Lemon. I think I would have liked it a lot better if the tartness wasn’t present, although it wasn’t a deal breaking for me. The cost per can is a bit of a sore point for me though, since I’d rather it be less expensive (or perhaps a bottle) given that this is one serving and only 355ml. I might pick it up on a whim at the grocery store, but at the cost per can, I’m more likely to pick it up as a treat than as a regular drink (especially with that sugar content!).

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