My Go-To Drink Order

Before I dived into the world of reviewing teas, I used to order Chai Lattes and London Fogs a lot from coffee shops (especially, the one with the white-and-green-mermaid logo….). It was on my university campus and while the smell of coffee made me nauseous at the time, but I ducked in there to get that Chai Tea Latte (as it was listed on the menu…) because one of the girls I took organic chemistry with had introduced me to it and I was hooked.

I was already drinking Earl Grey at home at the time, but the idea of turning it into a latte completely escaped me. Of course, that was nearly 10 years ago that I first drinking the Chai Lattes in disposable to-go cups (whomp whomp, showing my age now!). Nowadays, I’m more likely to have a drink in so its a reusable cup, or to bring my own. It’s been a long time since I sat in a large lecture hall, learning about aromatics and trying to wrap my mind around molecule structures. I make the London Fogs at home now (because I personally prefer my own way of doing it), but the Chai Latte is one of my go-to drinks when I’m ordering something now.

I find the nuances of a good Masala Chai can be difficult at times to recreate at home. I often buy the blends pre-mixed, and opt to get a Chai Latte when I’m out and about because it’s easier than trying to make my own spice blend at home. I’ve tried numerous recipes, but still struggle to find one that I enjoy or like as much as I do when I’m at a coffee shop or diner. I’m still working on it! And tweaking existing recipes that I find because I want to be able to make a spice blend at home that I love…. In the meanwhile, I keep ordering it.

If you have a Masala Chai recipe that you should think that I should try, let me know below in the comments with a link!

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